Agent Overview

  • Choosing between a Free flowing and an IVR agent
    • Benefits of Free Flowing agents : A free flowing agent requires a plain english prompt to create. It enables truly natural conversations and allows your agent to be creative when responding
    • Harms of Free Flowing agents: The harms of free flowing agents are that the prompt and settings often require fine-tuning to ensure you are getting desired responses. Free flowing agents are also costlier
    • Benefits of IVR agents : You have complete control over the exact sentences your IVR agent will say. IVR agents are also cheaper and have much no risk of deviation / hallucination
    • Harms of IVR agents : Conversations are limited to what you have defined in the IVR tree. The agent will try to map any response a user makes to the options that you have given it. This increases chances of the call seeming artificial. It also takes time to build an IVR tree
  • Choosing a Task
    • The quickest way of creating an agent is choosing a task and making small changes to the pre-defined template that we have set for you (Note: these agents are built to run on default settings. Changes in settings will require changing prompts)
    • If you want to start from scratch, choose Others as your task
  • Choosing invocation
    • Choose telephone only if you want your agent to make telephone calls (Note: Telephone calling is expensive and you will burn through your credits rapidly. We strongly suggest you to use our playground to thoroughly test your agent before initiating a call)

Assigning Rules

  • Stay concise with your prompts. Use the ‘Tips’ to quickly build a prompt. Ideally start, with a clear, short prompt and keep adding details.
  • Prompt engineering takes time! Be patient if your agent does not follow your prompt the way you want it to
  • Expert Tips : For smart low-latency conversations, only use the Overview page (leave all pages blank). Clearly state your required intent, and start the prompt with the line “You will not speak more than 2 sentences”

Assigning Follow-up tasks

  • Summary will give a short summary of all important points discussed in the conversation
  • Extraction allows you to specify what classifiers you want to pull from the conversation. Be clear in defining what you want to extract
  • For webhook, you will have to give a webhook url (e.g., Zapier). Your extraction prompt should trigger the task set through the webhook.

Assigning Settings

  • Refer to this page for a detailed pricing + latency guide when assigning settings -
  • Make sure the voice you choose speaks the language that you have chosen
  • Only modify advanced settings if you have experience working with LLMs
  • Expert Tips : For smart low-latency conversations use these settings
    • Model: Dolphin-2.6-mixtral-8x7b
    • Language: en
    • Voice: Danielle (United States - English)
    • Max Tokens: 60
    • Buffer Size : 100