Your credit consumption depends on multiple factors, including -

  1. Text (Playgound) v/s Voice (Playground) v/s Call
  2. Prompt Length
  3. Assigning Follow-up Tasks
  4. Choice of LLM Model
  5. Choice of TTS Model
  6. Bifurcation of length spoken by user v/s AI in each conversation

After each conversation, go to the Agent Execution page to see how many credits the conversation consumed.

You can purchase credits at 6 cents per credit from Add more credits link in your dashboard

Here are some conversations with different models, along with the number of credits consumed

Example conversation

user: hello

assistant: Hi! I am Rachel from Pizza Square. Am I speaking to Michael from 345 Palm Square?

user: yes hi richard

assistant: Great! What would you like to order?

user: what is your best selling pizza

assistant: The Pesto Dominator is our best-selling pizza. It has Chicken, Bacon and Ham in a green base.

user: awesome i’ll have one of that

assistant: Perfect! What size would you like - regular, medium, or large?

user: i think large works best

assistant: Great! Would you like to pay the amount of for a large pizza via card or cash?

user: does cash work

assistant: Perfect! Your pizza is in the oven and will reach within 30 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

user: thanks

The above conversation is of approximately 60 seconds

ComponentProviderApprox. Price (in credits)
LLMBolna in-house~0.2
TTSAWS Polly~0.5
TelephonyTwilio (United States)~1.5

Please contact us at for customized volume-based pricing.